In praise of the white top // Corporate

Almost everyone loves a white Top/shirt/blouse/t-shirt.


It’s easy to pair, style and replace, it looks clean and crisp and it gives you the flexibility to pair it with almost anything.

Easy and effortless, this piece of clothing is almost perfect through spring-summer-autumn.

I am personally guilty of owning well at least ten kinds of basic white blouses, I swear I have an entire section in my closet dedicated to white tops.

Carrying forward that basic what T-shirt into the office space is easy and chic.

Now, for a bit of Color psychology

White is considered safe and open. White is directly linked to that which is righteous, good and peaceful. Furthermore, white projects clarity, cleanliness (doctors in white coats), purity (wedding dresses) and salvation. White is said to promote creative thought (a blank white board) and is also synonymous with fresh beginnings. As a positive, clear and open color, white can direct communication in a powerful way.


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