Home inspiration vol .01

What makes a home beautiful? 

Is it the bulky furniture, the color on the walls, the elegance of the foyer or is it the small things which make the bigger picture come to life?

Sounds like a ton of hard work, but truth be told, it is how happy you feel when you come home. You could be eccentric in your choice of china or you may prefer minimal living. Either way, there is no right or wrong in creating a home, tailor-made to what we love and identify with.

Speaking of small corners, inspiration is everywhere. To lay out a visual platter of personal favorites:

Pop of Gold

If you’re a Dubai resident, despite all previous inhibitions, you cannot help but start to admire the opulence of the color gold. I haven’t come around to wearing the color yet as must as I prefer for a hint of it on my walls.

rose gold shelving idea

polka wallpaper

gold pop


Making the Green work for you

Man is a social animal but is essentially still an animal and he too, needs nature to thrive.   Along with adding the much needed natural element of freshness; plants are brilliant for personal well being.





Tranquil Spaces

Essentially homes need to cater to self rejuvenation and personally the only place I can completely unwind is in basic surroundings. White walls, clean floors and something to do to get my mind off of the hustle outside the door.





Elements of Fun

If our spaces could speak, they would tell a story. Vibrant pieces, which instantly lift our spirits, can easily be incorporated via funky accessories or furniture. Think color, think structure, think fun.




blue accent wall-bathroom


A bit of Art goes a long way






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